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Create Impact with Twighlight Photography

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

If you really want your listing to stand out add Twilight Photography to your package. #twighlightphotography

TWILIGHT SHOTS  There's nothing more magical to capture architectural design and set your real estate listing apart from the competition, than a twilight photo. Stand out in the luxury real estate market with one of these amazing twilight photos! The above shots are REAL twilight photos - NOT photoshopped day-to-dusk. Add a twilight shot to your photo package for only $99.

Kimberly Kay commercial and real estate photography would love to capture home in its best light. Here are some tips for the best results for your twighlight shots. #twighlightphotographytips

The first shot seen by perspective buyers determines if they will click through to see the remaining. Capturing a magical twilight shot will increase your chances dramatically to get more buyers through the door. For higher end listings and luxury real estate, twilight shots are a must for marketing! Twilight shots are captured just after sunset. To prepare for them, sellers should turn on all exterior and interior lights in the front of the house. This gives the magic glow pictured below. Freshly manicured landscaping is always recommended and any landscape lighting should be turned on to really make the shot magical. For MLS marketing guidelines, ALL signage should be removed from the yard.

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